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A collection of demos from my upcoming album 'Grow Now', all proceeds made from this EP will go towards funding the creation of Grow Now.

All of these were made with solely piano and my voice, but someday each song will be much much more. Special thanks to Erik Paulson for helping me make this possible.

Enjoy <3


released June 29, 2016

Vocals & Keys-Cullen Propp
Recording & Mixing-Erik Paulson



all rights reserved


cully Minneapolis, Minnesota

Finding my way

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Track Name: "Smile"
I've seen
the way you

Go pale
a sad hue

Don't long
for his arms

His words
or phony charms

Sweet nothings
You're nothing
If you need to frown
Don't turn it upside down

Big girls say they don't cry
I wonder what they hide
Cheeks pushed to either side
Show where your teeth reside

Try to let it go
He only wants a show
You only want to cry
Stuck behind the "perfect smile"

Sweet nothings
You're something
If you need to frown
Don't turn it upside down

They say that you're being naive
that your feelings are just a deceit
Oh don't show emotion
just endless devotion
Well I say FUCK THAT and show him a scowl!

He's nothing
You're something
If you need to frown
Don't turn it upside down

If he won't stop his spite
I'll go and pick a fight
Track Name: The Gardener
Weeds have long since overgrown.
In a special place,
My home.

Growing vines and twisted lies
Have found their way in my fragile spine.
So I pull and fight
and till and try
I know I'm not fine.

I can still hear your voices
In the corners of
My mind.

You can think that you broke me
With those words you thought defined,
But I defy.

Weeds have long since taken hold
Of a special place,
My bones.

Though I know it'll take more than time
Believe me I'll be
Just fine.
Track Name: In the Deep End
Your light has grown dimmer
Since you took that fateful dive.

Not such a strong swimmer
You're lost beneath the tides.

Don't you lose hope,
Cause your smile's my home dear.

Your eyes still shimmer
Despite your frowning face.

Don't hide your glimmer
From those who need your grace.

There may be storms,
But I'll keep you warm dear.
Track Name: Heart
There's this beating in my chest,
I can feel it I confess.
I just wish that you were mine,
But your heart won't keep in time.

There's this pounding in your chest,
It only comes from her caress.
I just wish that you could see,
I'd be everything you need.

Looking in your eyes,
trying to feign resign.
You only look at me with shame,
what a crime.

I'd have your back
I'd have your back!
Along with anything else you'd give me.
We could sing and dance and just be together.

But I take it back
I take it back!
I only want to call you my brother.
Though I would have been a good lover,
That's your loss.

The world around me's spinning now,
I don't think I'm coming down.
God my life is such a wreck,
And you're the rope around my neck.

The world around you's perfect now,
Even though we're falling out.
My love I'm hanging by a thread,
And I'm riddled with regret.

You're looking in her eyes,
thinking she's so divine.
If you'd look at me that way
Then I'd say:

I have your back
I have your back!
Along with everything else you give me.
We dream and feel like birds of a feather.

But I take it back
I take it back!
I only want to call you my brother,
Though I know I'll be a good lover,
Someday soon.

Your gaze bores holes straight through my eyes
And doesn't care much for what they see.
Someday I'll tell myself no lies
And finally be set free.

I'll take you back
I'll take you back.
Even if we'll never be lovers.
But I'll no longer be just a brother
In your heart.